Mark Griffin

All the pictures for this exhibition are taken in my yard. I want people to see there is a world outside their backdoor that is there to be seen if they look. I want them to realise they don’t have to travel to distant or exotic locations, that there is this amazing world right there at home, that sometimes the everyday can be incredibly fascinating. I have an insatiable curiosity about almost everything and have often been distracted from one task or another to grab my camera and photograph all sorts of things that have strayed into my view. I would hope these pictures encourage people to explore their own yards and see what discoveries they can make there.

A Melbourne native, Mark Griffin has lived in Werribee for 35 years. Starting as a cadet photographer at the Herald and Weekly Times in 1977, he worked on the Melbourne Herald and Melbourne Sun until 1988, then joined the Weekly Times in 1989, covering sports, theatre, ballet, and news until 2012. After a career change, he graduated in Urban Horticulture from Melbourne University in 2015 but couldn't work due to illness. With no formal photography schooling, he learned from incredibly creative colleagues. He combines his love for photography and plants to find and share beauty in the mundane, driven by an insatiable curiosity about the world.

Image Credit - Mark Griffin as part of the exhibition.

Date and time
150 Sunset Views Boulevard
VIC 3029
Wyndham City Arts and Culture



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