Harrison Ward Councillor, Sahana Ramesh, was elected to Council in 2020. 

Cr Ramesh is a strong advocate for caring for the environment, sustainable living, diversity & inclusivity in the community, and nurturing a society with true equality and respect for all.

She sees every challenge as an opportunity to become better, live better, work better. Our current challenges enable us to become smarter about how we use our transport infrastructure, focus on access to quality social and wellbeing facilities in our own backyard, and encouraging companies, jobs and wealth into Wyndham as a major city centre of the future.

Cr Ramesh migrated from India shortly after obtaining her Bachelor of Engineering and became an Australian citizen after settling down in Melbourne. She went on to study a Master of Business Administration at Melbourne University, and start up her own company to manufacture Lithium-Ion batteries through which she is actively driving change in our energy, transportation and liveability industries. 

Her other career highlights include working in Europe, America, South and South-East Asia. She has been active in the telecommunications industry for around a decade, along with manufacturing, sales and marketing, and management consultancy.

Cr Ramesh has a vision of Wyndham as a carbon neutral city with green spaces across the municipality.

Cr Ramesh is Council’s Smart Cities portfolio holder. This portfolio explores and embraces new and emerging technologies to create and deliver sustainable ‘leading edge’ smart city solutions.


M) 0437980191

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