Healthier Waterways Wetland Program

Wyndham City has invested $1.6 million to improve the quality of our natural waterways and reducing pollutants as part of Council’s Healthier Waterways Wetland Program.

Improvements to the Amber Place and Flinders Crescent wetlands in Wyndham Vale, and the Lysterfield Walk wetlands in Manor Lakes, include new plants to soak up pollutants and remove sediment from surrounding rainwater.

At Amber Place, the wetland was reshaped to improve its overall performance and a gross pollutant trap was installed to capture up to 99% of litter and solid waste from the drainage system.

A new boardwalk has also been installed to give nearby residents the opportunity to enjoy a nice meander around the wetland. 

These wetlands drain to important local waterways such as the Werribee River and Lollypop Creek, which in turn flow to Port Phillip Bay, meaning the environmental benefits are reaped by both Wyndham and surrounding areas.

And there’s more to come over 2023/24 – watch this space!


  • Gross Pollutant Trap installed (Amber Place only)
  • New boardwalk (Amber Place only)
  • New plants to soak up pollutants and remove sediment


  • Ensuring our natural waterways are clean
  • Providing a habitat for wildlife
  • Creating a pleasant place for people
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