The Tree Planting Map provides locations of where trees are being planted in our current and future planting seasons.


Check which species will be planted and click on a tree marker to leave feedback (only available during feedback period for upcoming planting season).

2019 Street Tree Planting

The 2019 Tree Planting Season has now finished.

2020 Street Tree Planting

Wyndham City Council is committed to enhancing the environment and liveability for residents. As part of this commitment the nature strip outside of your property may have been included in Council’s current planting season for street trees which commences in April 2020 and will finish in August 2020.

Requests for new street trees received before 01/08/2019 will be included in the 2020 Street Tree Planting Program which will begin April 2020 through to August 2020. 

2021 Street Tree Planting

Requests for new street trees received after 01/08/2019 will be included in the 2021 Street Tree Planting Program which will begin April 2021 through to August 2021.

Why Are Trees So Important in Wyndham?

Wyndham is recognised as having one of the lowest tree canopy cover of all Victorian Local Government areas.

Many areas within the municipality are at risk during extreme heat events due to the lack of tree cover combined with the presence of many built surfaces (concrete, asphalt etc.).

This street tree planting program is intended to make Wyndham a more liveable city by keeping temperatures down and providing clean air. Council is committed to increasing canopy cover to 25% by 2040. Approximately 7,000 advanced trees will be planted each year through the program.

You can read more about Wyndham’s Canopy Cover Here.

Benefits of Trees

Some benefits of increased canopy cover include:

  • Rain, sun, heat and skin protection: Temperatures can be 5-15 degrees lower when walking along tree-lined streets during hot summer days.
  • Increased values to homes and businesses: Street trees create an attractive street appearance which has been shown to increase property value.
  • Storm water infiltration: Trees absorb up to 30% of initial rainfall through their leaf system easing the pressure on our storm water drains.
  • Reduction of crime: Additional tree cover reduces thefts and burglaries. Studies have shown a 12% decrease in crime associated with a 10% increase in canopy cover.

Tree Planting Process

In order to plant the right tree in the right place, we follow a process where:

  • An experienced contractor assesses the nature strip and determines the suitability for a tree. The most appropriate tree species is recommended at this time.
  • Our experienced tree planting contractors carry out the plantings. This occurs between April and August.
  • The recently planted tree is watered and provided maintenance at appropriate intervals for approximately 2-years.

Tree Species Selection

Council has selected a tree species to be planted based on:

  • Other trees already in the neighbourhood.
  • The ability of the new tree to survive and adapt to climatic changes in the local environment
  • Local neighbourhood character
  • Available planting space
  • Restrictions due to water/gas/electrical services located above or below ground

Ongoing Care

Wyndham can be a tough place for a recently planted tree to survive.

The tree’s health and performance will be improved by receiving one deep watering each week during periods of low rainfall. We ask for you to please consider this if you have the capacity.

Tips for caring for a new tree

  • Provide extra water, especially during times of low rainfall.
  • Avoid placing grass clipping around the trunk of a tree. This causes a fungal disease, Collar rot.
  • Leave the stakes in place. Council will remove these after 2 years.
  • Please avoid placing grass clippings at the base of the tree as this causes the fungal disease, Collar rot, to occur. 

Future expectations

Council aims to have 100% of suitable sites in Wyndham planted with a tree. Most properties within Wyndham will be able to accommodate at least one tree within the adjacent nature strip.

Where possible, additional tree(s) may be planted where there is appropriate space and site conditions.


Tree vandalism is a punishable offence under Wyndham’s Local Laws. Please report tree vandalism to Wyndham City Council on (03) 9742 0777.

Street Tree Planting Objections

Street trees are Council Assets that are planted in public land and play an important part to the environmental health of our city. 

The street tree planting program is supported by targets set out in the City Forest and Habitat Strategy. In order to achieve the targets and for Wyndham to enjoy all the benefits that trees provide, Council will no longer be accepting objections to tree plantings.

Street Tree Planting Inquiries

If you have further queries about Street Tree Planting, you can contact our Customer Service Team on (03) 9742 0777.

Alternatively, you can email

Frequently Asked Questions

How many trees will be planted in Wyndham?

Council plants approximately 7000 trees each year. As part of Council’s City Forest & Habitat Strategy, Council aims to have at least one tree in each suitable nature strip throughout Wyndham.

When will my tree be planted?

Council’s contractors plant the trees between April and August, when the weather is cooler and there is enough rain to ensure the new tree gets off to the best start. Because this enormous task is carried by contractors who manage the logistics of the plantings, we cannot provide the dates of when each tree will be planted.

I don’t like the species chosen for my address. Can I request a different species?

Council will consider all requests and may be able to find a suitable substitute, depending on feedback. You can provide feedback by visiting our Tree Planting Map, via; Search your address, click on the marker and leave comments or you can call our customer service team on (03) 9742 0777. Requests must be made before November 30th as this is when the trees are ordered from the nursery. No changes can be made after this time.

Can I have a fruit tree?

Unfortunately, you cannot request a fruit tree. Fruit trees are not included in our list of approved tree species for street tree planting as they can be problematic when fruit drops onto pathways or roads.

Do I have to care for the tree?

No, our planting contractors will care for the tree for a period of two years, before the care of the tree is handed over to Council. You can provide extra water for the tree during warm and dry weather to ensure the tree thrives.

I don’t want a tree, they make a mess and/or ruin the look of my garden. Can I object to the tree planting?

Council will consider all feedback, however, research shows that the benefits and importance of trees in suburban areas are too great to be ignored. We suggest providing feedback about the tree species instead. 

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