Waste & Recycling Transfer Station

Transfer Station

Residents are encouraged to recycle as much of their bulk waste at the Waste & Recycling Transfer Station to avoid it being sent to landfill. All items must be separated and placed into the appropriate bins in order to be recycled. The transfer station is located after the weighbridge at the Tip.

The following items are accepted for recycling free of charge:

  • Batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Motor oil (up to 15 litres)
  • Light globes and tubes (Household quantities)
  • Mobile phones
  • Electrical Waste – all items with a plug, e.g. televisions, small appliances, computers and accessories
  • Hard plastics - Types 1-7
  • Paint (up to 20 litres)
  • Glass bottles, jars and steel or aluminium cans

Chemicals such as petrol, thinners and acetone can not be disposed of at the Transfer Station. Please visit www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/detoxyourhome for safe disposal options near you.

The following incur a fee to be recycled:

  • Gas cylinders
  • Mattresses
  • Steel – e.g. old car bodies
  • Car tyres
  • White goods, e.g. washing machine, fridges
  • Green Waste

Shredded green waste is available on site for residents free of charge. Pick up only. Wyndham City does not accept any responsibility for the quality of shredded material available.

When you visit we encourage you to browse the Resale Shed where you can purchase second hand goods. Come along and find assorted treasure including furniture, cupboards, tools, books, etc. Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30am-12:30pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-12pm.

The Waste & Recycling Transfer Station:

  • Located at the Municipal Tip (Refuse Disposal Facility), 470 Wests Rd, Werribee
  • Phone 9742 0777
  • Open - Weekdays: 8am-4pm. Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays: 8.30am-4pm
  • Closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday

Community Recycling Stations

Community Recycling Station

Wyndham City has seven Recycling Stations across the municipality for you to recycle some common household items including:

  • Batteries
  • Printer cartridges
  • CD’s and DVD’s
  • Light globes and tubes**
  • Mobile phones & accessories

Do not place anything other than the specified items into each of the bins.

** Point Cook Community Learning Centre does not accept light globes

The Recycling Stations are located at:

  • Wyndham City Civic Centre, 45 Princes Highway, Werribee
  • Arndell Park Community Learning Centre, 29-49 Federation Boulevard, Truganina
  • Manor Lakes Community Learning Centre, 86 Manor Lakes Blvd, Wyndham Vale
  • Tarneit Community Learning Centre, 150 Sunset Views Boulevard, Tarneit
  • Featherbrook Community Learning Centre, 33-35 Windorah Dr, Point Cook
  • Plaza Library (downstairs foyer), Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre Derrimut Road, Werribee.
  • Point Cook Community Learning Centre, 1-21 Cheetham Street Point Cook

E-Waste Recycling

Take your e-waste to a better place

To help protect our environment and recover more precious resources, the Victorian Government is banning all e-waste from going to landfill as of 1 July 2019. That means, e-waste can’t go in any bin.

E-waste (electronic waste) is any item with a plug, battery or power cord that is no longer in working condition. Including small appliances such as toasters and coffee machines, electric tools like drills and sewing machines and IT equipment such as computers and laptops.

To find out more visit Electronic Waste (e-waste).


Clothing and e-waste drop off hubs

E-waste and clothing can be recycled and reused in many ways but not through kerbside bins. From 3 October 2019, Wyndham City will be conducting a three-month trial of e-waste and clothing drop off hubs at:

  • Manor Lakes Community Learning Centre
  • Wyndham Park community Centre
  • Arndell Park Community Centre

At each of these locations you will find one e-waste container and two clothing containers.

E-waste containers: accept all small electrical items that have a cord, plug or batteries, including laptops and kitchen appliances, but must be under 50cm high and 60cm wide in order to fit in the tray. Large items are not accepted but can be taken to the Wyndham Refuse Disposal Facility (municipal tip) for recycling or picked up via a hard waste recycling collection.

Clothing containers: accept clothing, toys, handbags, shoes, belts, hats, scarves, and accessories.

If you are using the drop-off hubs please ensure that items are placed within the containers provided and not dumped illegally. The containers are equipped with sensors to manage collection pick-ups.

Alternatively, there are a range of other ways to give those unwanted items new life, via charities and other donation programs.

Discounted Compost bins and Worm farms

Compost revolution

Did you know on average half our household garbage is food waste? You can turn food scraps into nutrient rich compost for your garden by using a worm farm or compost bin at home.

Sign up to Wyndham’s Halving Household Waste program to be eligible for up to 50% off a compost bin or worm farm. To join the program visit Worm Lovers and it’s as simple as placing an online order and being a Wyndham resident to be eligible.

Worm Farms and Compost bins provide an easy way to reduce waste sent to landfill, cutting down on greenhouse gases and returning nutrients back into the soil. So sign up today!

Detox Your Home – Recycling Household Chemicals

Detox your home

Detox your Home – Household Chemical Collection Program

Do you need to safely dispose of unwanted, highly toxic household chemicals? Household chemicals can be dangerous – they can harm your family and your pets, add extra fuel to a house fire, release toxic fumes and pollute the environment for future generations.

Detox your Home is a safe, free and easy-to-use service to dispose of unwanted, highly toxic household chemicals without harming your health or the environment.

The collected items are recovered and diverted from landfill.

There are up to 33 Detox your Home events held across Victoria each year to ensure reasonable access for all Victorian householders. The program is administered by Sustainability Victoria in partnership with local councils and is funded by the Victorian landfill levy.

Visit the Detox your Home website for a complete list of upcoming events and accepted products.

Detox your Home. Do the right thing for your loved ones and your environment. It’s easy and it’s free.

Upcoming Detox your Home mobile events:

Reduce the risk of poisoning, environmental pollution and bushfire hazards and improve recycling rates by dropping off unwanted chemicals at the Victorian Government’s FREE chemical collection program.

Upcoming events are located at:

  • Saturday 16 November 2019 – Hoppers Crossing
  • Saturday 7 December 2019 – Melton

More information is available online or by calling 1300 363 744.

Permanent drop-off sites for paint and other products

Household paint, batteries, and fluorescent lights – which are less toxic than household chemicals (but also a more common waste item) – can be disposed of throughout the year at a permanent drop-off site.

Detox your Home, on the other hand, is a free service designed specifically to collect unwanted, highly toxic household chemicals.

There is a nearby permanent drop-off site at: Wyndham Transfer Station 470 Wests Road Werribee

For more information and a full list of permanent drop-off sites visit Sustainability Victoria's website https://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/detoxyourhome


Wyndham City manages a drumMUSTER collection site for the collection and recycling of cleaned, rinsed, non returnable crop drums. All eligible containers have the drumMuster logo. DrumMUSTER is a free collection program for any resident or business with these containers. Collections occur on the first Wednesday of the month 1pm-3pm.

The drumMUSTER location is Diggers Road Hall, corner Diggers Road and Whites Road, Werribee South. All drums are inspected by trained drum inspectors and are stored in a secure cage onsite. When full, this cage is emptied and drums are taken away for recycling.

Community Education Sessions

Wyndham City offers a series of free waste, recycling and litter education sessions to schools, business or community groups. To book in or find out more please contact wastewise@wyndham.vic.gov.au

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