Grange Community Centre, Hogans Road,
Hoppers Crossing
VIC 3029

Acquired by: One Per Cent for Art, capital works

About the Artwork:

"Conundrum was made to provide a landmark for the local community and in particular to provide a gateway to the Grange Community Centre. The conceptual framework for the sculpture revolves around the symbolic interpretations of the sphere which can be viewed universally as a celestial body or microscopically as atomic particles. The sphere can also be seen as an essential element in the science of motion, as in bearings, wheels, and the use of balls in sport, etc.

"The three vertical stainless steel poles give the sculpture height and verticality. They provide a supportive framework for the linear configuration which exists as a fluid ethereal linear composition which fixes and suspends the sphere in a buoyant state. It is intended that the viewer will respond and engage with the many associations evident within the sculpture.

"The sculpture also reflects the unseen forces of nature such as magnetic and electrical force fields, sound waves, clouds, smoke, etc. This energy is released from the top of the three vertical elements connecting with the sphere. The viewer engages with the physicality of the suspended sphere and interacts with the various associations which it may provide". - Bill Perrin

Materials: Stainless Steel and Bronze

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