Presidents Park,
Heaths Road,
VIC 3030
Boulders Float After Years of Erosion

Acquired by: Mayoral Commission

About the Artwork:

Following the path leading from the playground to the parks interior, three installations will be discovered.  The first installation of three sculptures is at the small footbridge; the main installation flanks the path on arrival at the lake.  Another installation of four sculptures can be found across the lake.

Comprising eighteen sculptures in four sizes, with a maximum height of half a metre, the boulder-like sculptures feature abstracted imagery inspired by Wyndham's landscape, flora and fauna.  A patina varying in colour from green to rusty red is a feature of the work.

The work is designed to draw visitors further into the expansive park and to create a sense of wonder and surprise, especially for the young.

It is the inaugural Mayors Commission, an initiative designed to ensure that established areas of the City, which may not benefit from the Percent for Art scheme, can also enjoy access to quality works of public art.

Materials: reinforced concrete with metal patina

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