Wyndham City has made provision in the Business Agenda of each Ordinary Meeting of Council, to hold a Public Question Time session. There are rules governing the conduct of Public Question Time. The rules are outlined in Clause 26 of the Meeting Procedure Protocol 2013.

Maximum number of questions

You can lodge a maximum of two questions.

Time limit for lodging a question

Questions must be submitted no later than midday on the day of the Council Meeting. Questions submitted after midday on the day of the Council Meeting will not be answered at the Meeting.  

Lodging a question

There are several ways to lodge a question.

You can lodge a public question:

Make sure you read and understand the Public Question Time Guidelines before you complete and submit the form. 

The receipt of your question will be acknowledged via email. 

Please remember that the person who is named as the submitter on the public question time form must be at the Council Meeting during public question time for the question to be considered. 

Response to Public Questions

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