Image credit - Poached by Diana-Lisa North- Coombes as part of the exhibition

Enter the enchanting realm of "Self Xpress CIV," where art transcends boundaries to touch the soul. This exhibition is a tribute to resilience, growth, and the profound influence of creativity. Celebrate the accomplishments of 13 emerging Wyndham artists as they reveal their captivating creations. Through predominantly 2-dimensional works, each piece offers a glimpse into the artist's unique worldview. From vibrant acrylic strokes to intricate printmaking, the array of mediums is as diverse as the stories they convey. This showcase culminates a year of dedication, showcasing the transformative power of self-expression. Immerse yourself in "Self Xpress CIV" and witness the magic of creativity first-hand.

Thirteen artists in this vibrant collective bring diverse perspectives and a shared drive to evolve creatively. Meeting weekly from July 2023 to June 2024, they've fostered camaraderie and explored various mediums and techniques. Their journey, marked by experimentation and dedication, transcends the classroom, with countless hours invested at home. Each artwork in their exhibition reflects not only skill but also a profound voyage of self-discovery. Yet, it's their tight-knit bond and mutual encouragement that truly distinguish them. Through the highs and lows, they've forged lasting friendships, enhancing not just their art but their entire creative journey.

Image credit - Poached by Lisa North- Coombes as part of the exhibition

Date and time
150 Sunset Views Boulevard
VIC 3029
Wyndham City Arts and Culture



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