Daphne is a series of acrylic paintings that invite us to reflect on our relationship with nature and our position in relation to it through our necessary adaptations for survival. Based on the mythological entity Daphne, who transformed her body to survive, this series invites us to reflect on survival and the transformations necessary for this purpose. Is it a flower that becomes a spoon, or is it a spoon that becomes a flower?

Daphne delves deeply into the interaction between the artificial and the natural. In this series styled after the Baroque era and featuring spoons, each piece undergoes a striking transformation, becoming a real flower. This change serves as a strong symbol, encouraging contemplation of nature's interconnectedness. Whether viewed as a garden with fences or nature as a wise mother and source of all life.

Through my acrylic paintings on canvas, I explore the intimate relationship between humanity and nature, delving into the various symbolic universes that shape our perception of this connection.

As I delve into the diverse symbolic languages of humans and their cultural means of communication, my artwork transforms into a visual dialogue that urges viewers to delve into the deep layers of meaning embedded in each piece. My artistic intention is that, through this exploration, we can recognize ourselves within nature and rethink our relationship with it, building a more inclusive and respectful mindset towards our environment.

Image credit - David Castaneda as part of the exhibition


Date and time
6 Congo Drive, Tarneit West
Wyndham City Arts and Culture




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