West End Experience

West End Experience transforms the western end of Watton Street in Werribee into a new pop-up dining precinct with fresh air and scrumptious bites.

WyndhamOpen Business Directory Map

The Wyndham Open Business Directory features a listing of business that are currently operating in Wyndham to help you consider purchasing from.


We are bringing the family fun and entertainment to YOUR local park! In a series of 6 family fun filled weekends look out for the Parklife roadshow coming to your local park during March and April.

K Road Cliffs Masterplan Implementation

The K Road Cliffs is one of Werribee South’s most unique natural assets, and Wyndham City aims to reduce further erosion while improving the visitor experience as part of the K Road Masterplan impl

2020/21 Local roads program

Improving local roads is one of the key priorities of the 2020/21 Council budget, and over the coming year Wyndham City will invest $11.75 million to resurface and reconstruct various local roads t

Active Transport Network

Wyndham City wants to encourage residents to ditch their cars and make more trips by foot or bike under an ambitious plan to make Wyndham the active transport leader of Victoria.

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Wyndham’s population continues to soar

Wyndham City’s population has continued to soar, despite the Covid pandemic and reduced migration.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recently released its Estimated Resident Population report,

Wyndham Cultural Centre Reopening

Wyndham’s biggest entertainment hub, the Wyndham Cultural Centre, will reopen next week, following a hiatus in 2020 due to Covid-19.
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