Tails are set to wag with Wyndham City successfully awarding a tender for the construction of The Strand Dog Off-Leash Park in Point Cook, with construction beginning in the coming weeks and concluding mid-2024.

Situated in The Strand and Boardwalk Boulevard in Point Cook, the forthcoming park will feature a dedicated off-leash area with three zones: a spacious lawn area for dogs to play, an agility equipped activity space, and a quiet area for smaller and older dogs.

Other features include a drinking fountain, new concrete path, seating, dog litter bag dispenser and bins.

Wyndham City’s Climate Futures and Environment Portfolio holder Cr Robert Szatkowski said the construction of this dog park will be an asset to the residents of Point Cook.

“This new dog park is not just about wagging tails, it’s about fostering a stronger sense of community and enhancing the wellbeing of both pets and their owners – I’m proud to see this space come to life,” Cr Szatkowski said.

“This project is being delivered as part of the Wyndham Dog Off-Leash Plan 2022 and Wyndham’s Open Space Strategy, both of which strive to provide accessible and well-connected open spaces.”

For more information on the Wyndham Dog Off-Leash plan, go to:  https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/wyndham-dog-leash-plan

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