Wyndham City has resumed its cat trapping service now that cat vaccines are available once again in Victoria.

Council paused the service last November following a nationwide cat vaccine shortage.

Wyndham City Mayor, Councillor Jennie Barrera, said: “The service was paused to reduce the number of cats taken to the Council-owned pound and the service provider, The Lost Dogs Home, as the animals had the potential to be exposed to disease in shared spaces.”

“At the time, the Lost Dogs Home was also experiencing a critical supply shortage of cat vaccines that resulted from international production issues.”

“We continue to encourage residents to consider and explore alternative options before surrendering healthy cats.”

“This may include speaking to your local veterinary practice regarding veterinary costs, seeking support from friends or family members, or contacting welfare agencies if you are struggling to meet the costs of pet food.”

“Residents are encouraged to supply any available vaccination documentation for their cat when delivering it to a shelter to manage vaccine distribution and prevent duplicate vaccinations – and also make the process move more quickly if they are surrendering their cat.”

“Keeping cats indoors and desexing them are ways in which residents can help keep their cats safe from disease.”

Residents can request a cat trap by calling 1300 023 411, for more information visit: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/services/pets-animals/animal-complaints-pests/dogs-and-cats

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