Section 131 and 134 of the Local Government Act 1989 requires all Councils to prepare and consider an Annual Report.

Wyndham City’s Annual Report 2016/17 provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges we face as a rapidly growing municipality, while also celebrating our major achievements in delivering significant community services and infrastructure.

The Report contains Council’s audited financial statement and provides a snapshot of the Council organisation, its elected Councillors and a summary of how Council performed against operational targets during the 2016/17 financial year.

Council adopted the 2016/17 Annual Report at the Special Council Meeting held on 24 October 2017.

Highlights in 2016/17

Wyndham City’s successes over the 2016/17 year have been numerous and represent a broad spectrum of activities, events and milestone achievements, including:

  • Wyndham City, in partnership with the Western Bulldogs Community Foundation, delivered the Sons of the West program, completing health education sessions and structured and fun physical activity for residents.
  • The $11.7 million redevelopment of Chirnside Park which will position it as one of the premier event venues in the City, providing community spaces and function rooms.
  • The development of the Wyndham Library Service Strategy 2018-2040 which will provide a strategic and integrated framework and direction for Council’s ongoing provision of contemporary library services and facilities.
  • The completion of Wyndham City’s Large Scale Solar project took place with the rollout of more than 2 Megawatts of solar panels across Council’s major buildings and facilities. This will reduce Council’s annual energy bill by more than $380,000 and reduce greenhouse gasses by more than 2,000 tonnes per year.
  • The WynLens – Visualisation, Analysis and Modelling of a Holographic City project was awarded the prestigious National Award for Excellence in Local Government and the Federal Government’s Innovation to Create More Liveable Cities award.

Wyndham City’s highlights have been recognised internally, to the community and at a national level. Additional key achievements can be read in the Annual Report 2016/17.

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