Small Grants

Up to $2,000 for Incorporated Groups and not-for-profit Organisations (including auspices) and up to $500 for Individuals and Unincorporated Groups.

Wyndham City Grants

The Community Grants Program is aligned to council’s Wyndham 2040 Community Vision, the Council Plan, and the many other Strategies and Plans council has developed in consultation with the Wyndham community.

Williams Landing dog off-leash park

The Williams Landing dog off-leash park will include a fenced-off dog off-leash area with a large lawn, an activity space with agility equipment, and a quiet area for smaller and older dogs.

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Children’s Week Picnic

Pack the picnic blanket and join in all the fun as the greatest family outdoor event in the west, Wyndham City’s Children’s Week Picnic, returns next month!
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