The Wyndham Volunteering Strategy sets out the strategies and actions that Council will undertake, in partnership with others, to strengthen the local volunteering sector and increase the numbers of volunteers in Wyndham.

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Snapshot of Year 3 (ending 30 June 2022) of the Wyndham Volunteer Strategy


Wyndham Volunteering Strategy Year 3 Achievements

The COVID-19 pandemic has dictated our actions in year 3 (2021-2022 financial year) of the Volunteering Strategy, however we have continued to progress each of the five key focus areas.  Given the huge impact of COVID-19 on the volunteering sector, a partnership or community-driven approach wasn’t viable. As such, Council has taken the lead on delivering the strategy.

Some highlights of Year 3 (2021-2022 financial year) at a glance:

  • In May 2022, we hosted the Wyndham Volunteer Expo which attracted 44 stallholders (volunteer-involving organisations), 375 attendees and more than 100 volunteers recruited into Wyndham groups/organisations!
  • We continued to support volunteers and community groups through the pandemic by offering 25 free online training sessions covering topics such as ‘Building our Culture of Choice’, ‘Event Planning’, ‘Disability Confidence’ and ‘Project Management Essentials’.
  • We hosted a series of 6 workshops on ‘Building an Effective Committee …. A Recipe for Success’ to 15 Wyndham organisations.  These sessions were offered through an ‘expression of interest’ process and proved to be extremely helpful for the organisations who took part.
  • We continue to support and grow the Wyndham Volunteer Managers Network and continued to offer training on The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.
  • Council continues to work with volunteers, volunteer supervisors and the sector to reactivate volunteer programs and re-engage volunteers.

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