The Wyndham Volunteering Strategy sets out the strategies and actions that Council will undertake, in partnership with others, to strengthen the local volunteering sector and increase the numbers of volunteers in Wyndham.

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Snapshot of Year 4 (ending 30 June 2023) of the Wyndham Volunteer Strategy



Wyndham Volunteering Strategy Year 4 Achievements

Actions in year 4 of the Volunteering Strategy (July 2022 to June 2023) have continued to progress each of the five key focus areas. 

  • In March 2023, Council hosted the Wyndham Volunteer Expo which attracted 55 stallholders (volunteer-involving organisations), 450 attendees and 134 volunteers recruited into Wyndham groups/organisations!  This is significant increase on the previous year’s statistics.
  • Volunteering postcards have been included in Wyndham ‘new residents’ packs providing information about volunteering to new residents.
  • Council Community Strengthening training calendar has delivered 24 free sessions to residents and community groups, providing 54.5 hours of training. A total of 345 participants attended. Topics ranged from governance for not-for-profit organisations, cultural awareness and disability confidence workshops, and volunteer information sessions.
  • Council’s Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation plan was implemented which comprised monthly spotlights on a volunteer highlighted in social media channels and Wyndham News publications, recognition of International Volunteer Day and National Volunteer Week, and offering volunteer information sessions to Wyndham residents.
  • During this financial year all Council’s volunteer programs have reactivated, and most have re-engaged their volunteers.  Council created a new volunteer program called ‘Australian Citizenship Ceremonies Volunteer Usher’.
  • There are currently 115 volunteers in 22 roles, across 7 areas of Council.
  • Council implemented a new Better Impact volunteer management software across all Council volunteer programs. It has significantly streamlined volunteer recruitment, management, and communication, making volunteering simpler for both Council volunteers and staff who manage volunteer programs.

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