Wyndham City Youth Services provides fulltime support (during business hours 9am - 6pm) at four locations throughout Wyndham.

Youth Resource Centre & Saltwater Community Centre Outdoor Space - Updates

Saltwater Youth Space
Documentation for the new Saltwater Youth Space is 75% complete and under review. We will be seeking tenders in late June for contractors to build it. The designers have paid a lot of attention to detail including the creation of titled concrete seating that can also be used for skating and street art. Combined with a new lawn area, shelter, trees, garden beds and elements to grind off the new Youth Space will be a great new addition.

Youth Resource Centre
The skate element of the new youth space has now been reviewed by our designers and changes are being made right now to boost the skate-ability. This means other areas need to be changed or moved around. Soon the final design will be released for information and the project will be tendered for construction which is likely start in September or October 2018.


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