A-Z Interactive Residential Waste Guide

Before looking to dispose of items, please think how you could reduce the amount of waste you are creating or could you (or a friend, neighbour or family members) reuse items instead of throwing them away?

Wyndham Business Directory Map

The Wyndham Open Business Directory features a listing of business that are operating in Wyndham to help you consider purchasing from.

Wyndham Cultural Centre Upgrade

Wyndham Cultural Centre is one of Wyndham City’s most prominent cultural assets and a vital part of the Werribee City Centre. The centre will undergo a series of upgrades to respond to increased social and cultural needs of residents.

President’s Park Master Plan

Wyndham City will upgrade Presidents Park in Wyndham Vale following the adoption of a master plan that outlines a vision for the 75-hectare reserve over the next decade.

Bensonhurst Pde Reserve Master Plan Implementation

The Bensonhurst Pde Reserve Master Plan will guide the potential future development of the reserve. A range of open space facilities are proposed to create a space where people can engage in healthy activity and come together as a community.

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Wyndham’s new Mayor

Harrison Ward Councillor Susan McIntyre was last night elected Mayor of Wyndham City for the next 12 months.
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