Wyndham City has established, through a succession of Learning Community Strategies since 2010, a strong foundation for the creation of a community of lifelong learning in Wyndham.

We strongly believe learning is fundamental to the future wellbeing, prosperity and sense of belonging for the people of Wyndham. By bringing together a directory of learning opportunities, it is our aim to increase awareness of and participation in lifelong learning among Wyndham residents.

A learning event is an event or workshop where an individual can gain knowledge or a skill through formal or informal classes.  It includes accredited courses although is not limited to following an accredited course to obtain qualifications; it can also include yoga classes, writing workshops, meditation sessions and more.

For more information contact Diane.Tabbagh@wyndham.vic.gov.au. Jac.Torres-Gomez@wyndham.vic.gov.au or libraryadmin@wyndham.vic.gov.au.

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Wyndham’s First Learning Festival a Success!

The Wyndham Community & Education Centre in collaboration with Wyndham City facilitated the bringing together of education and training providers, business, different levels of government and the comm

Wyndham Residents Love Their Libraries

A survey conducted by Nexus research across Victoria about library access and usage, found that over half of Wyndham’s residents had used a library in the past 12 months.
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