The Town Planning Forum is an opportunity for those who object to the proposal to air their concerns in front of Councillors. The applicant is also given the opportunity to make a presentation on the development. No decision or recommendation is made at a Town Planning Forum. The application will then be considered on its planning merits at a subsequent Ordinary Council Meeting.

Who attends a Town Planning Forum

The Forum is attended by the Mayor of Wyndham (also the Chair of the Forum) and Councillors, as well as the Council CEO and Directors. Only those who have registered to speak will be allocated time on the night to present to Wyndham City Council. Where similar issues are raised repeatedly, you may be asked to move onto your next concern by the Forum Chair.

Town Planning Forum agenda

The Forum is not intended to be an open debate, but an opportunity for all parties to articulate their concerns to Councillors as part of the decision making process.  Notes will be taken of all issues raised.

As a guide, the Forum will follow the following process:

  • Chairperson to introduce Wyndham City representatives and explain the role of the Forum
  • Conflicts of Interests declared, if any, by Councillors and officers
  • Councillors are to remain unbiased during the meeting
  • Wyndham City Council officers to provide the site context
  • The oral presentation by the applicant to be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes
  • Objectors to keep their oral submissions to a maximum of 5 minutes
  • Where there is a common group of people wishing to make an oral submission on the same matter, it is recommended that a representative speaker be nominated to present the views of the group – up to 10 minutes will be afforded to the speaker
  • Any person addressing the meeting needs to confine themselves to the subject under consideration
  • Clarification questions from Councillors may be made at the conclusion of the presentations and must be directed through the Chairperson
  • The Chairperson will provide attendees with the details of when the application will be decided on.  Following discussion at Forum, all applications (planning permit/development plan/planning scheme amendment are scheduled to be considered at an Ordinary Council Meeting.

The Forum is invitation-only for the applicant and those who lodged a written submission.  It is not open to the public. If you wish to attend and/or speak on the evening, you must RSVP 1 week before the due date prescribed in your meeting invitation letter.

Please note: if you do not RSVP before the time and date specified above, you may not be able to attend the forum.

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Your information will be placed in Wyndham City’s Central Name and Address Database and will remain private within Wyndham City unless disclosure is required by law or consented to by you. You may apply for access and/or amendment of the information by writing to Wyndham City’s Privacy Officer. View our Privacy Policy.

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