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  • Harrison
  • Iramoo
  • $12.9 million
Local roads program

Improving local roads is one of the key priorities of the 2021/22 Council budget, and over the coming year Wyndham City will invest $12.9 million to resurface and reconstruct various local roads throughout the municipality.

These works make our suburban streets smoother, safer and more enjoyable for everyday use.

The local roads program does not include Wyndham City’s larger-scale road projects, which are funded as stand-alone projects in the Council budget.

Wyndham City takes a multi-pronged approach to determine which roads are in need of an upgrade, and the type of upgrade required. For example, road resurfacing improves the quality of the top layer of the road, while a road reconstruction is a complete rebuild of a road.

We regularly monitor our roads right across the municipality and consider feedback from the community to help guide this annual program.

Wyndham City is responsible for upgrading and maintaining neighbourhood roads, while the State Government is responsible for delivering major roads, including highways.

Keep up to date with the progress of our works by visiting the capital works dashboard.


  • Reapplying top layer of road asphalt
  • Digging up roads to repair underground pipes, construct several layers of new road pavement and construct new gutters and footpaths


  • Roads are smoother and sturdier
  • A more enjoyable journey for drivers
  • Improved road safety for drivers
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