Skeleton Creek Bridge,
Bridgewater Way,
VIC 3029
The Flagman's Welcome

Acquired by: Mayoral commission & One Per Cent for Art, capital works

About the Artwork:

The sculpture features a flagman who appears to be signalling to people on the Hoppers Crossing side, beckoning them to cross the bridge to Truganina.  Rather than being just a functional link between neighbourhoods, the sculpture reminds us that the footbridge will also play an important role in bringing the community together. If the flagman is viewed as the custodian of the footbridge, then the footbridge itself can be seen to have a richer and more symbolic meaning.

“The Flagman's Welcome represents a symbolic greeting for the two merging communities that have now come together.  He faces the entrance to the bridge to the opposite side of the creek and is waving a semaphore message to invite all those who pass by to come across the bridge to explore the pathways and meet the new community.” – Jon Eiseman

Materials: Bronze

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