• Up to $40,000 for Incorporated Groups and not-for-profit Organisations
  • Frequency: Once a year
  • Next round open: 12 September - 12 October 2022
  • Eligible applicants: Non-profits entities including those with an auspice
  • Projects and events funded in the Large Grant round must commence within one year of 1 April 2023.  Activities commencing before 1 April 2023 cannot be funded.
  • Repeat applicants must supply a Sustainability Plan when applying, which outlines the applicant's and/or project's strategies to reduce dependency on council funding.


Depending on the amount requested, a co-contribution towards your project may be required. Co-funding sources can include:

  • Cash contributions from the applicant
  • Grants from other funding bodies
  • Sponsorship
  • In-kind support (donated goods and services, hall hire, equipment hire, etc.)
  • In-kind volunteers (Council recognises Volunteer hours as equivalent to $40 per hour).

Amount of Council Funding Requested

Minimum Co-funding Requirement

Up to $1,000

No requirement

$1,001 - $15,000

2:1 (Council:Applicant) ratio of funding to applicant co-funding


$15,001 - $40,000

2:1 (Council:Applicant) ratio of funding to applicant co-funding (cash and/or in-kind) after the first $1,000 up to $15,000 and 1:1 (Council:Applicant) ratio of funding to applicant cash/in-kind co-funding above $15,000

Case Study

WeCare4All is a not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne. They are dedicated to supporting children with disability and their families. Their services have proven very effective, but they have not operated in the western suburbs before. They understand that in order to expand their services into places like Wyndham that they may need to access State and/or Federal Government funding.  To do this they anticipate a need to establish a

footprint in the region to build their connections and gain first-hand knowledge of the issues

faced by local families of children with disability, and service gaps that their initial research has identified appear to exist. They link in with the local disability network and engage with several community managed community centres and some relevant community service organisations to identify service gaps, community concerns and to ascertain whether they can lease some space to operate from.

WeCare4All commit a staff member to work in the area to identify all relevant services available to children with disability and their families and arrange a meeting with relevant council officers to discuss their plans and initial findings. They apply for a $30,000 Large Community Grant for a pilot project to focus on supporting migrant children with disability and their families, centred on an arts-based activity program. In their application they provide evidence of needs identified in the municipality, explain what experience they have and what they aspire to achieve in Wyndham, and outline the preparatory work they have undertaken and connections they have made. They also outline how they will communicate their pilot program services to the community and provide a detailed project plan and budget.

They also commit to undertaking an evaluation of the program, which they will share with council. They include a letter of commitment from a local community centre and a migrant support service, a support letter from a philanthropic supporter of the organisation and some testimonials from families who have accessed  their services elsewhere in Melbourne.

WeCare4All pledge to contribute $10,000 cash and at least $15,000 of in-kind staffing towards the project, making the total project cost $55,000. This includes temporarily employing a social worker who will support families participating in the pilot program.

The project is a success and, using the evaluation of the pilot project, the organisation gains support from both the state government and a philanthropic funding source to establish a long-term program in Wyndham in a more permanent location.

How to apply

Step 1: Download and read the Community Grants Guidelines.

Step 2: Prepare any documentation to support your application

Step 3: Apply here 

If you need assistance in completing your application, contact Wyndham City’s Grants Team for assistance on 1300 023 411 or email funding@wyndham.vic.gov.au.

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