Wyndham City’s Community Grants Program is provided in line with the role of local government in grant giving to fund projects designed to meet pre-defined community development outcomes.

The Community Grants Program enables Wyndham City to provide financial assistance to not-for-profit groups and organisations to undertake projects and activities that:

  • Help meet Wyndham City’s strategic objectives
  • Build Wyndham’s community capacity and contribute to community strengthening
  • Improve the physical health and emotional wellbeing of community members
  • Play a positive role in building an environmentally sustainable future

Grants are provided to achieve outcomes towards the strategic objectives outlined in Wyndham City Council City Plan, the Environment and Sustainability Strategy 2015-2040, and other relevant strategies and plans.

View the Community Grants and Subsides Policy

Category Opens Closes
Community Pathways Scholarships Monthly Ongoing
Identity, Inclusion and Connection Grants Round 1 11 July 2019 15 August 2019, 3pm 
Identity, Inclusion and Connection Grants Round 2 Closed Closed
Identity, Inclusion and Connection Grants Round 3 Closed Closed
Community Strengthening Grants Closed Closed
Community Health Grants Closed Closed
Community Environment Grants Closed Closed
Neighbourhood Grants Monthly Ongoing

Download Wyndham Community Grants - Frequently Asked Questions


Non-profit entities, such as incorporated associations, are eligible to apply for grants under the Community Grants Program. If your group is ineligible you may apply through an auspice organisation. Individuals and unincorporated groups are eligible to apply for Community Pathways Scholarships and Neighbourhood Grants up to $500. Eligible groups must also meet a number of requirements as outlined in Page 5 of the Community Grants Guidelines.

Download a copy of the Community Grants Program Guidelines

Recent Awarded Grants

Wyndham City approves funding for many community groups and organisations within the Municipality.

Download - 2017/2018 Successful Grant Recipients

Download - 2018/2019 Annual Grants Awarded

You can contact Wyndham City’s Grants Team phone 9742 0926 or email funding@wyndham.vic.gov.au for further information.

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