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City management, planning and the creation of liveable communities are at the threshold of a new age led by the adoption of new technologies and the use of advanced data analytics to improve operations, decision making and services. But, with the fusion of the smart city concept and next-level urban design, governance models, empowerment of citizens and sustainability, the burgeoning smart cities movement is bringing more and more innovative solutions and greater opportunities directly into the hands of councils and communities.

The smart city is on the verge of realisation in Wyndham. Faced with rapid societal, environmental and technological changes, Wyndham is choosing to be proactive in designing the vision for its future and the steps to get there.

The city will be renowned for its bold and courageous leadership to transform urban transport, data-driven decision making and transparency, co-design with the community, leadership in sustainability and management of the environment and its inclusiveness, participation and community spirit.

2019 Smart Cities Awards Finalist

The Smart City Office is pleased to announce that the Wyndham City Smart City Strategy has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 Smart Cities Awards. The Award winners will be announced at Smart Cities Week Australia later this month.

Congratulations to Smart City Portfolio Holder Aaron An, Deputy Portfolio Holder Walter Villagonzalo and other Wyndham City Councillors, the Wyndham Smart City Portfolio Committee and the Executive Leadership Team for their nationally recognised commitment to a smarter future.

Read the Smart City Strategy.

Featured content

Smart City Strategy

At the June 25, 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting Wyndham City Council adopted the Smart City Strategy 2019-2014 and Implementation Plan.

Benchmarking Wyndham as a Smart City

As part of the development of Wyndham’s Smart City Strategy, an exercise was undertaken to benchmark Wyndham against cities that are leaders in the Smart City space.

Featured Projects

Capital Works Projects map

Capital Works Projects Collaboration

The online collaboration platform allows council, utilities, telecommunications providers and transport authorities to share project information well in advance of the works being undertaken.

  • Governance, Collaboration & Education Partnership & Collaboration
  • Data-driven Data-driven
Hydrogen-Fuelled Fleet Cars

Hydrogen - Fuelled Fleet Cars

Wyndham City Council is partnering with Toyota to offer internal staff the opportunity to trial the vehicle on-road in a range of conditions as part of research into the efficiency, usage and benefits of hydrogen technology. 

  • Environment & Sustainability Environment & Sustainability
  • Transport & Mobility Transport
Smart Barbecue

Smart Barbecues

A six-month Smart Barbecue trial is being undertaken at President’s Park, Wyndham Vale and Bloom Street Reserve, Werribee.

  • Livability & Amenity Citizen-centric

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