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From late 2014 to early 2016 Wyndham City worked through a consultation, expression of interest and tender process to find a suitable vendor to provide an online GPS Vehicle Management System to be used on the council’s fleet of vehicles.

The contract was awarded in mid-2016 and a progressive roll out to all council vehicles began in August 2016.

The Project

Wyndham City Council owns a fleet of over 340 operational and plant vehicles.  These vehicles include: mowers, street sweepers, diggers, graders, buses, vans, trucks, utes.

Beginning in late 2016 and completed by early 2017, all of these operational vehicles were fitted with GPS tracking devices.

The objectives of the online GPS Vehicle Management System in regard to operational vehicles are:

  • Improve efficiency of work planning
  • Improve vehicle routing
  • Improve fleet utilisation
  • Improve fleet security and driver safety
  • Ability to locate the nearest vehicle able to resolve a reported problem
  • Provide information relevant to the investigation of complaints and other events
  • Provide extensive reporting capabilities including activity, utilisation, daily usage

Future Plans for the project

The Fleet Management team will continue to work with the vendor to understand the full capabilities/future plans for the platform to ensure that Wyndham City are using the solution to its full potential and getting the most benefit from it.

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