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Across, the city there are a number of agencies and utilities as well as Council that plan and deliver capital works and infrastructure projects.  Often, due to lack of visibility and collaboration, efforts can be duplicated and works repeated unnecessarily.   Due to the scale of these projects, this duplication can result in significant additional costs being incurred not to mention increased inconvenience to the community.

The Project

The Smarterwx platform is an online collaboration tool for council, utilities, telecommunications providers and transport authorities to share project information well in advance of the works being undertaken.  Opportunities for projects to be co-ordinated based on time and location, are then identified and the relevant project managers alerted.  The project managers can then work together to determine the appropriate way forward for the projects for the benefit of the organisations involved, the impacted citizen and the broader community.

The council projects to be included are:

  • Capital works projects for the current financial year
  • Proposed capital works projects for the next 3 financial years
  • Subdivision works

As well as sharing project information, the solution allows council to identify areas and time periods where works cannot be carried out, for instance Station Place during the Popup Park or similar.

The platform will also provide internal visibility of projects across the participating departments in council.

Project Outcomes

The implementation of this solution will:

  1. Realise significant reduction in costs, potentially in the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars, where similar/related works can be delivered simultaneously
  2. Provide greater visibility of both internal and external projects
  3. Simplify communication and collaboration between council and external agencies
  4. Reduce the possibility of duplicate works being done unnecessarily
  5. Reduce the potential disruption to the community


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