All Health Premises in Wyndham must meet health regulations in order to operate. Health premises such as hairdressers, beauty parlours, body piercing and ear piercing premises and tattooists must meet all health regulations.

Health Risks
Low Risk Medium Risk High Risk
Hairdressing Waxing & threading Tattooing
Make Up Epilation Skin Penetration including body piercing
Spray Tan Nail treatments Colonic Irrigation
Facials Ear piercing (gun only) Laser and electrolysis

Low risk health premises

All low risk health premises are eligible for a “One-off” registration. The one-off registration relates to health premises that only conduct low risk beauty procedures such as hairdressing, make up, spray tan, facials etc. 

For more information go to Requirements for your low risk beauty premises.

Medium and high risk beauty premises

The following applies:

  • All medium and high risk beauty premises are required to pay a yearly renewal of registration fee
  • Medium Risk Beauty Premises: An inspection will be conducted by an Environmental Health Officer every two years
  • High Risk Beauty Premises: An inspection will be conducted by an Environmental Health Officer every year

Health guidelines for personal care and body art industries

The guidelines assist business owners in the personal care and body art industries to comply with the Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 2001.  See Health Guidelines for Personal Care and Body Art Industries on the Department of Health and Human Services Website.

Home Health Business

To operate a Home business, you are required to comply with the same standards as commercial businesses. 

  • Low Risk Premises: A hand wash basin must be installed within the procedure room. A hair basin can be used as a hand wash basin if the only activity being carried out on the premises is hairdressing.
  • Medium Risk Premises: A hand wash basin must be installed in all procedure rooms.
  • High Risk Premises: A hands free hand wash basin must be installed in all procedure rooms.

Registering a health premises

Step 1 - Do you need other Council permits? Call 1300 023 411 or visit the Civic Centre and speak to the following departments:

  • Town Planning: ask to speak to the Duty Planner to establish whether you need to apply for a Planning permit for your proposed business.
  • Building Department: ask to speak to a Building Officer to establish whether you need to apply for a Building permit. If you are making structural changes or changing the use of the building (e.g. converting your garage to a salon) you will most likely need a building permit.
  • Environmental Health department: ask to speak to an Environmental Health Officer to discuss the fit-out requirements for a Health and Beauty premises. Guidelines can be found here 

Step 2 - Submit your Business Approval application form: Download Business Approvals form and send it to Please submit the following with your application:

  • Premises floor plans (refer to the section 5 of the application form for more information)
  • List of procedures/services offered
  • Pay the registration fee (refer to section 5 for a list of fees). Call our the EH admin team on 9742 0738 to pay by card over the phone. Please note: your application will not be assessed until full payment is received.

Step 3 - An Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will assess your application/plans: you will be provided a report assessing the compliance of your proposed premises based on the plans you submitted. You should not commence construction until you have received this report and your Building/Planning permit (if required).

Step 4 - An EHO will conduct an inspection: Once you have completed your fit-out, contact Environmental Health Services to arrange your initial inspection. If your premises is deemed compliant at the time of inspection, you will be issued a registration certificate within 14 days and will be able to commence operating.

Registration Approval

Your registration will be approved if it meets the following:

  • The premises comply with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009, and Department of Health guidelines for personal care and body art industries
  • All documents and information have been received by the Environmental Health Unit
  • Building and Planning Departments have been contacted and any relevant permits obtained
  • All required fees are paid

Purchasing an existing health business

You must arrange an inspection by a Wyndham City Environmental Health Officer of the health premises before you purchase the business. The inspection will help determine what work needs to be done to bring the premises up to standard.

You will need to download, complete and submit the following forms and pay a fee prior to inspection:

If you are purchasing an existing health and beauty premises, you will need to complete Section 1 and 2 of the Business Approvals form.

Update Proprietor Contact Details

If your proprietor contact details have changed, please complete our online form.

For further information or to submit forms to our Environmental Health Unit, phone 1300 023 411 via email

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