It is important to note that Council does not have the authority to police crime. Crime is the responsibility of Victoria Police and the State Government, and any residents who have specific concerns should contact the local police and/or their local member of parliament.

Wyndham City Council is proud to provide some helpful tips and hints on how to remain safe in your home or on our streets.

At your home

  • Get to know your neighbours. If there is any suspicious activity at your home when you’re not there, a neighbour could notice and alert the authorities.
  • Make sure that all your doors and windows are locked and well secured, even if you are home.
  • Always leave a light on inside your home, even at night or when you’re away, to give the impression somebody is there
  • Consider installing an alarm system and CCTV cameras
  • Don’t leave valuables like computers, phones or new televisions in positions that are easily noticeable from the street.
  • Don’t leave boxes or packaging for new electronic appliances on the nature strip – it notifies possible thieves of what is inside.
  • Park prestige cars in the garage.
  • When away on holiday, don’t post on social media – you never know who is watching.
  • Connect with your local Neighbourhood Watch group

On the streets

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid walking with earphones in your ears.
  • At night keep to major roads that are well-lit.
  • Don’t get into the car with strangers.
  • Carry a mobile phone with you at all times.
  • Keep a safe distance between yourself and strangers.
  • If you notice you’re being followed, walk close to the road and change your direction, then call the police.
  • When driving, don’t play music too loud and keep your car doors locked at all times.

Vehicle safety

  • Always lock your car.
  • Don’t leave any valuables unattended in your car.
  • Park it in a garage when you can.
  • Have one-way screws put in place into your number plate to avoid theft.
  • Never leave keys in the ignition when your car is unattended
  • Consider installing an immobiliser, steering wheel lock or transmission lock.

To be effective, crime prevention requires communities and governments to work together.  For further details download the Crime Prevention Responsibilities flyer.

For more information visit Victoria Police’s website or Neighbourhood Watch.

To report a crime anonymously visit

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