Wunder Gym

Wyndham City Council are hosting the Wunder Gym mentor and exhibiting program virtually, online to the Wyndham community. The program is designed to encourage, and support individuals own artistic practice and aid in developing access to broader support networks and audiences. 

Further benefits include:

  • Interaction with the mentoring artist via the Wunder Gym community online channels and at a Q&A event that offers feedback and conversation
  • a supportive creative arts community
  • access to virtual exhibiting; participation in ‘select’ group shows to build artist’s CV
  • promotion of the event, leveraged by its members and the mentoring artist
  • an opportunity to sell their works

For further information, please contact arts@wyndham.vic.gov.au 

Current Exhibitions

Dr. Barry York Project - Sound Arching Project 

Sue Maslin Project - The Show Must Go On 

Lucreccia Quintanilla  - Sound and Collage

View past Wunder Gym exhibitions 

Image credit: Transformation by Robyn Watson Photo by Samara Clifford Photography


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