Wyndham City is working to review and renew our first RAP to inform our 2022-2024 RAP. This is a Council Major Initiative for the 2021/2022 financial year.

The 2022-2024 RAP will build on the foundations laid in the 2017-2019 RAP in which Council and the community built a shared vision to guide its work for Reconciliation in Wyndham City over the 2-year life of the RAP. It will also continue to build upon on the strengths of the engagement processes established for the development and implementation of Council’s first RAP. 

During the development of the RAP there will be opportunities for consultation and engagement. Such opportunities include:  

  • Establishment of a Reconciliation Advisory Group comprising of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community members
  • Extensive consultation with, and input from, staff across Council and contributions from community stakeholders including the Koling wada-ngal Committee, Aboriginal Service Network of Wyndham and the Local Aboriginal Network
  • Engaging with internal groups including the Aboriginal Staff Reference Group and the Reconciliation Action Plan Management Group
  • Specific consultation sessions with the two Wyndham Registered Aboriginal Parties and other Traditional Owner organisations that have an interest in the lands and cultural heritage of Wyndham.

It is anticipated that our second RAP will be completed and adopted by Council mid-2022.

For further details or to request a copy of the RAP contact Wyndham City's Senior Policy & Planning Officer on 1300 023 411.

2017-2019 Reconciliation Action Plan

Wyndham City Reconciliation Action Plan (2017 – 2019): Reflections

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