Wyndham City took a significant steps forward on the journey to reconciliation, with Council adopting the Reconciliation Action Plan 2017-2019 at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 5 December 2017.

The City of Wyndham has a rich and vibrant Aboriginal history. Our vision for reconciliation is built on this history and core to Wyndham’s Statement of Commitment (2015) which set the framework for Council’s first Innovate RAP to be created. This two year Innovate RAP identified how Council would respect, build relationships and create opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It has led the way in developing processes and structures that pay respect to their peoples, cultures and lands.

The development of our RAP included extensive consultation with staff and Wyndham’s Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Community and was formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, the lead body for reconciliation in the nation.

Implementation of the RAP has seen tangible progress in practice and understanding across the organisation.

Wyndham’s RAP achievements report is available below and provides an overview of RAP achievements to date.

Download: Reconciliation Action Plan 2017 – 2019 Achievements Report

The following document is a snapshot of the personal journeys and impact of the work from a range of those involved. Many others have supported the work along the way, including Councillors, WRAC members, senior managers, staff and community.

Download: Reconciliation Action Plan 2017 – 2019: Reflections

For further details or to request a copy of the RAP contact Wyndham City's Senior Policy & Planning Officer on 9742 0777.

Wyndham City is working to review and renew our first RAP to inform our 2022-2024 RAP. This is a Council Major Initiative for the 2020/2021 financial year.

The 2022-2024 RAP will build on the foundations laid in the 2017-2019 RAP in which Council and the community built a shared vision to guide its work for Reconciliation in Wyndham City over the 2-year life of the RAP. It will also continue to build upon on the strengths of the engagement processes established for the development and implementation of Council’s first RAP. 

During the development of the RAP there will be opportunities for consultation and engagement, these will begin shortly. Such opportunities include:  

  • Establishment of a community-based Advisory Group comprising of invited Aboriginal and Reconciliation leaders
  • Extensive consultation with, and input from, staff across Council and contributions from community stakeholders including the Aboriginal Service Network of Wyndham, the Local Aboriginal Network
  • Engaging with the internal Aboriginal Staff Reference Group
  • Specific consultation sessions with each Traditional Owner organisation that has an interest in the lands and cultural heritage of Wyndham.

It is anticipated that our second RAP will be completed and adopted by Council in early 2022.

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