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Solar panels

The Project

Wyndham City’s Large-Scale Solar Project has been designed to reduce the energy demands and greenhouse emissions of the municipality’s community buildings through the installation of solar panels and cutting-edge battery technology.

The Large-Scale Solar Project is one of the largest rollouts of commercial-scale, rooftop solar by local government in Australia.

The program started in 2015, with solar panels installed in more than 38 Council buildings so far. The $3.5 million project is largely funded through a $3.1 million Federal Government grant, with Wyndham City investing $400,000.

2019/20 program
Over the 2019/20 financial year, Wyndham City will install solar panels in 14 community buildings, including kindergartens, childcare centres and sports pavilions.

These 14 panels will save community groups $2 million over their 20-year lifespan and prevent 467 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere each year.


  • 52 solar panels installed in buildings across the municipality when the 2019/20 stream of the project is complete


  • A total of 63,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions offset
  • A total of $10 million saved in energy costs during the lifetime of the panels
  • Help Wyndham keep pace with population growth and increasing energy demands


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