Welcome to your new home in Wyndham where you can enjoy and experience living in a City that offers a family friendly way of life, vibrant community and boasts some of the best attractions in this stage including Werribee Open Range Zoo and Victoria State Rose Garden.

You are now part of a highly diverse community of around 228,000 residents and growing. With over 3,200 new homes being built each year, we are keen to understand and connect with people moving into our city so we can plan services in your area.

On behalf of all the Wyndham Councillors, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you as a new resident to our special part of the world!

Yours sincerely,

Mayor Cr Peter Maynard

Connect with Council

There are so many ways you can connect with Wyndham City and stay up to date with all the latest information about community services, local events and activities, works, permits, local laws and regulations. You can connect with us via social media, eNewsletters and our monthly newsletter - Wyndham News.

Know Your Councillor & Ward

Wyndham has 11 Councillors that are democratically elected to represent and lead the community and to achieve positive outcomes for the local area. The Councillors are elected within three wards – Iramoo, Chaffey and Harrison.

Get to know your local Councillors

Community Safety

We want to create cohesive and strong communities in Wyndham that you feel safe in and out proud of.

Take a look at the Community Safety Tips and Resources

About Rate Payments

Each year Wyndham City collects rates from all property owners in Wyndham. These rate payments go towards funding many services and facilities that benefit you, the local area and the community.

Your Garbage, Waste & Recycling Service

Wyndham City provides garbage, recycling and optional garden waste collection services.

Services for Family, Children and Youth

Council provides a wide range of services and facilities for families and young people in the local area.

Animals & Pets

To find out about responsible pet ownership and to register your cat or dog once they are 3 months old

Support for our Diverse Community

Wyndham has a colourful, vibrant and diverse community with more than 100 different languages spoken by local residents. There are many local services available to support people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Things to Do

There is so much to do with events, festivals and a thriving arts, culture and leisure scene in Wyndham.

Get Active in Wyndham

Wyndham offers amazing parks and open spaces, great sporting reserves, bike and walking trails as well as state of the art recreational and sporting facilities.

Nature strips

Although nature strips are the responsibility of Council, residents of abutting properties are expected to maintain the nature strip by regular, mowing, maintenance and clearing of litter and rubbish. The policy aims to ensure appropriate treatments are used on nature strips while still allowing safe access for pedestrians, postal deliveries, vehicles using the road, kerbside parking and rubbish collection.

View the Beautification of Nature Strips Policy

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