Wyndham City has a longstanding commitment to reduce the harms of gambling, especially electronic gaming machines and recognises the cost to the community is not just a financial loss, but also has devastating impacts on the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and businesses.

The Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy and Action Plan 2018-2022 replaces Council’s two previous position statements, the Electronic Gaming Machine Policy adopted in 2010 and Wyndham City’s Responsible Gambling Strategy 2012-2014 adopted in 2012.

Developed from a public health perspective and based on best evidence and data, the policy seeks to minimise the impact of gambling on the Wyndham community; facilitate transparent and consistent responses to applications to relevant statutory authorities and work in partnership with service providers and residents to minimise gambling associated harm and advocate for policy and legislative change.

The Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy vision is to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of all Wyndham residents by preventing the harms associated with gambling and has the following goals:

  1. Advocate in partnership with community for systemic and legislative change to address gambling harm.
  2. To take a whole of organisation approach and partner with community in preventing and minimising gambling harm and promoting health and wellbeing.
  3. To enable community engaged and informed assessment of current and proposed gaming activity, particularly in the regulatory process.

Key actions include:

  • Advocating to State Government for a regional cap on the number of EGMs across all of Wyndham
  • Opposing any new application for EGMs on Council owned or managed land
  • No gambling activity, promotion or advertising at any council facilities
  • Council will not provide any funding, grants or sponsorship for any activity that promotes gambling
  • Council staff will not hold events, activities or social outings in venues with EGMs
  • Work with venues that operate EGMs to reduce their reliance on gaming revenue.

The issues of gambling are a whole-of community responsibility, and we look forward to working with residents, local venues, service agencies, the Alliance for Gambling Reform and other stakeholders to improve the health and wellbeing of our community.

For further information contact Lucy Midolo Team Leader Community Health Wellbeing and Safety Lucy.midolo@wyndham.vic.gov.au Tel: 9742 0863.

Download - The Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy and Action Plan 2018-2022

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