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Diversity and inclusion explained and highlights why it is essential to business and organisations in every industry
Flexible work arrangements and why they are an important way to increase workforce participation, for parents with caring responsibilities and people with disability.
What is, an inclusive workplace culture and how to develop your skills from a people manager. Helpful tools and strategies to build an inclusive workplace as a team leader, manager or business owner.
Understanding and managing unconscious bias and how it impacts on diversity and inclusion. Learn practical tools and strategies to help you identify and manage biases to minimise its impact on how you work.
How and why it is important to have awareness for people from diverse groups. Factsheets on diverse communities and ways to be more inclusive at work. Facts on: Gender | Multi-culture | Intersectionality | Diverse Genders | Generational | Disability | Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.
How to incorporate diversity and inclusion strategies into your recruitment process, such as, Inclusive Position Descriptions, Inclusive Job Vacancies, attracting diverse candidates, shortlisting and selecting the right candidate.
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