Do you want to help local people feel that where they live is;

  • safe, friendly and supportive;
  • a place which puts people at the centre of everything;
  • where everybody knows each other;
  • where people have a voice in Werribee’s future;
  • where you and other neighbours know of each other’s gifts; and,
  • where new community possibilities emerge.

Wyndham’s Building Blocks Community Leadership Program that explores what it means to be an effective leader. Drawing on your personal experiences, a range of dynamic guest speakers and a diverse group of peers in the room, you will examine the essentials of community leadership including values and motivation, change, strategy and communication, and the power of networking. The program that makes best use of what everyone in the community can do and provides a place for individuals, groups, organisations, institutions and local government to make a contribution for a better Werribee.

Paramount to the Program is the importance of communities taking responsibility for their own development by Discussing; Learning; Partnering; Up-skilling;  Influencing; Facilitating; Uniting; Connecting;  Making change and so much more.

By participating in this FREE Nationally Accredited** program, you will connect with Council and the wider Wyndham community to make change and help grow our high functioning, dynamic and sustainable communities.

“By recognising people’s gifts, capacities and skills, the neighbourhood that you live, work or play is a treasure chest of opportunity.   By putting the gifts together in many different ways, we open the chest and use its riches.”*

Applications Close:  Midnight Sunday 25 June 2017

Program Details

Venue: Wyndham City Civic Centre, 45 Princes Hwy, Werribee (Additional place based locations may form part of the program)

Session Times: 10 sessions - one night per week - Monday evenings only

When: Monday 17 July to Monday 18 September 2017 (inclusive) 6.00pm start until 9.30pm finish.  5.30pm dinner - Supplementary classes may be required – days & times by negotiation

Program Information & Group Interview session: Monday 3 July 2017 (6.30pm – 8.30pm)

Program Enrolment: Monday 10 July 2017 (6.30pm – 8.30pm)

All Learning Materials provided

Professional Victoria Polytechnic (University) Facilitators

Light dinner & refreshments provided

Please inform of any dietary or other access requirements at registration

Submission Process

Following submission of your application, applicants will be shortlisted and those shortlisted will be invited to a Program Information and Group Interview session. Attendance at this session is compulsory and a condition of enrolment into the program. At this session you will gain information on the what, how and why of the Building Blocks program, participate in a group discussion activity and have an opportunity to ask questions about the program. The date of the Program Information and Group Interview session is Monday 3 July 2017 commencing at 6.30pm sharp until 8.30pm.

Following successful attendance at the Program Information and Group Interview session successful applicants will be invited to attend the Program Enrolment Night on Monday 10 July commencing at 6.30pm – 8.00pm.

In summary the process of applying is:

  1. Submit your application by either;
  • Hand deliver this completed application form at Wyndham City Civic Centre 45 Princes Hwy Werribee
  • Mail this completed application form to Wyndham City Council PO Box 197 Werribee 3030 or
  • via the online application form at
  1. Receive email confirmation of your application being received
  2. Receive email confirmation of being shortlisted and invitation to attend the Program Information and Group Interview session.
  3. Attend and participate in the Program Information and Group Interview session (compulsory)
  4. Receive email confirmation of acceptance into the program and invitation to attend the Program Enrolment Night
  5. Attend the Program Enrolment Night bringing necessary documents (compulsory)
  6. Commence the 10 week Building Blocks course on Monday 10 July 2017.

For further information, or if you require assistance completing this form, please contact Sharon Brown, Senior Community Leadership & Governance Officer Wyndham City, 45 Princes Hwy (PO Box 197) Werribee 3030 on (03) 9742 0812 or


Apply to be part of the Werribee Neighbourhood Building Blocks Community Leadership Program

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability because the answers you provide will form the first part of the selection process.

Your personal information is being collected by Wyndham City Council under the laws administrated by Local Government.   Your information will be stored in Council’s Customer Database and used to deliver Council services to you in accordance with Council’s Privacy Policy.  For further information on how your personal information is handled, visit Council’s Privacy Policy at

ie your family culture
e.g. chair person, treasurer, general member etc

As a participant in Wyndham’s Building Blocks Community Learning program you will develop your own personalized leadership journey plan and possible project.

If yes, please provide details.
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