The Telecommunications Facilities Policy (Leasing/Licensing of Council Land) was endorsed at Council's Ordinary Council Meeting on8 November 2017 and has been developed to provide a framework for a consistent and transparent approach to requests from telecommunications companies to install telecommunications facilities on Council-owned or managed land.

This policy has been developed following internal consultation with relevant Council departments.

The framework for the policy is based on Council as public land manager. Council as the responsible authority reviews planning applications for telecommunications facilities through a separate process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

The policy sets out the criteria against which Council will consider proposals for leases/licences for telecommunications facilities and to address the issues these proposals raise for the community and for Council to consider.

Telecommunications facilities are becoming more prevalent throughout municipalities to meet the growing needs of modern communication.  Whilst the community recognises the need for such facilities, they are often not perceived favourably particularly in residential areas and public parks.

Council officers have an obligation to consider all requests for use on Council land or Council facilities. All requests will be considered on a consistent basis with due consideration given to:

  • Community benefit;
  • Financial impact;
  • Appropriate land use; and
  • Neighbourhood amenity.

Download - The Telecommunications Facilities Policy

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