A petition is a request from members of the public for information or action in relation to a particular matter.

Council has two types of petitions:

  • Petitions With Notice received before midday 5 working days prior to a meeting, and
  • Petitions Without Notice received after midday 5 working days prior to a meeting

Type of petition

The type of petition will influence how responses are provided, as outlined below.

Rules applying to Petitions

A written petition to the Council must be in accordance with the Guidelines for Petitions which are incorporated by reference as Schedule 1 of the Council’s Meeting Procedure Protocol 2013   which contains other rules about how Petitions are handled during Ordinary Council Meetings.

Responses to Petitions

If a petition is signed by more than 15 people, it will be listed for a report at the next Council Meeting. If it is signed by less than 15 people, a written response will be provided after the Meeting by the CEO and copies made available to the Councillors prior to sending.

In addition:

(a) A petition with notice will be responded to in a report submitted to the Meeting which will also be included in the minutes of the Meeting, and

(b) A petition without notice will be read to the Meeting by the Chairperson but will not be responded to in a report at the Meeting.

For further information or assistance complete the Guidelines for Petitions form and email this form to governance@wyndham.vic.gov.au or call us on 9742 0777.

This information can be translated by contacting Translating and Interpreting Services on 131 450 and asking to be connected to Wyndham City on 9742 0777.

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