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Wyndham City’s popular and free ‘Innovate’ series is back in 2023 and 2024. The Innovate Business Growth Program is split into two streams!

The Innovate to Excelerate - Business Growth Program is aimed for those business owners to move up a level, find new directions, build new skills, extend business relationships and gain growth. This could be the right decision at the right time. Expectations are that the year ahead will challenge emerging businesses to find new ways to build capacity, performance and competitive advantage. This program is open for businesses that have operated for less than four years.

The Innovate to Regenerate Program targets those businesses that have operated for four years or more and are at a later stage in their business journey. If you experienced strong initial growth in your business but are facing challenges in taking your small to medium business to the next level, this is the program for you.

These programs consist of group sessions and individual business coaching.

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  • “Innovate came along at the perfect time for me. I met some stellar people and local businesses, the vast majority I continue to be in contact with. I have continually recommended businesses to apply, and I’m really happy to see some come through successfully and motivated to succeed!”-  Michelle Tinyou, Biznify
  • “The program was really good, learnt a few things that really shifted things in my business. The business has doubled year on year since then - Gracious Chidhakwa, Eagle Life
  • “It was the best thing that ever happened to my business. In the month that we finished, I had the best month so far due to the new things I implemented, main one being commercial photography. I’m not numbers focused but I was able to plan out the year in terms of marketing and strategy. Admittedly, due to covid a lot of this didn’t eventuate but with the addition of commercial, I was able to trade when the portrait side was closed. It was not only beneficial financially but also personally. I received a lot of business through the group and made some wonderful connections. I have referred many people to the program, some that have not been successful in their applications and some that were. I often refer to that experience as a pivotal moment in my business journey and bought myself a watch to commemorate the success of Nov 19. Highly recommend and would love to do another one for alumni as a follow on to this program.”- Kristie Dutson, Inspired Photography
  • “I think it is amazing it’s offered. Such an innovative program.” - Joanne Seymon, Kaiko Fidgets


More Information

Wyndham City Council – Economic Growth Unit or phone 0448 708 498

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