If you have an idea for a project that you think might be eligible to be funded, the Grants Team can also refer you to a Wyndham City Officer, who can support you to develop and deliver your project idea and apply for funding. The Wyndham City Officer will have the knowledge and experience within the broad area of focus of your project; such as multicultural groups, youth, recreation or the environment.

Support officers can assist you in a number of ways:

  • Clarification on any of the application responses
  • Risks or issues with the proposed methodology
  • Activities to consider incorporating into the project
  • Identifying areas which require further supporting evidence or explanation.

For assistance contact Wyndham City’s Grants Team for assistance on 9742 0926 or email funding@wyndham.vic.gov.au

Community Grants Program Guidelines

The Community Grant Program Guidelines provides a range of information about applying for grants including: who is eligible, what project might be eligible in each of the different grant categories, and the grant approval process.

Project Planning Toolkit

The Project Planning Toolkit can assist you to develop a project idea and apply for funding. The following items are available in the Project Planning Toolkit:

  • A Project Plan allows you to plan out all the tasks and activities you will complete. Setting dates allows you to set the time frame for these to occur and ensure key milestones are identified and achieved.
  • To obtain a copy of Wyndham City's Event Planning Guide email events@wyndham.vic.gov.au or contact the Events Team on 9742 0777.
  • A Marketing and Communication Plan can assist you in planning your promotional activities. It will also support your application in demonstrating how you will attract participants.

Once completed, these documents are suitable to be attached as supporting documentation for your grant application. Should you require any further assistance contact the Wyndham City Grants Team on 9742 0777.

Multilingual Service

Wyndham City is a culturally rich community and as the fastest growing municipality in Victoria, Wyndham is increasingly becoming a more culturally and linguistically diverse community, with 30 per cent of residents speaking a language other than English at home, and over 100 languages other than English spoken by residents of Wyndham.

The pre-recorded information covers all essential services provided by Wyndham City such as Maternal and Child Health, Kindergarten Services, Aged and Disability, Rates, Infringements and Animal Registration, Waste and Recycling, Town Planning and Building Permits and Services.

Residents can also be automatically connected to an interpreter if required. The model is already being used in many other local governments in Victoria.

Wyndham City encourages residents from culturally and linguistically diverse communities to make use of this service by calling the following numbers.

  • Arabic 9321 5411
  • Filipino 9321 5412
  • Greek 9321 5413
  • Hindi 9321 5414
  • Italian 9321 5415
  • Karen 9321 5416  
  • Maltese 9321 5417
  • Mandarin 9321 5418
  • Spanish 9321 5419
  • Vietnamese 9321 5420
  • English 9321 5422
  • Other Languages 9321 5421  

For further information on Cultural Diversity in Wyndham contact Clifford Eberly on 8734 5430.

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