Women in Sport

Do you dream of scoring like a Matilda, bowling like the Australian Women’s Cricket team, kicking like AFLW star Tayla Harris or dribbling like an Opal?

Sport is a great way to have fun, keep in touch with friends and improve health and wellbeing, but there are reasons why some women and girls aren’t as involved in sport as they would like. Maybe the local club doesn’t have a women’s competition. Perhaps the uniforms make them feel self-conscious. Or maybe they can’t commit the time to turning up every week.

Wyndham City is dedicated to increasing the participation of women and girls in sport, whether through playing, coaching, officiating or on a club committee or by helping clubs to be more inclusive and welcoming to women and girls of all abilities and backgrounds.

Below you will find a number of resources to help you and your club.

Wyndham Champions of Girls’ and Women’s Sport recognition program

The Wyndham Champions of Girls’ and Women’s Sport recognition program is a celebration of all those who have contributed to Wyndham’s female sporting landscape.

We want to share the stories of the inspirational athletes, coaches, umpires and club members within Wyndham who have done great things for girls’ and women’s sport – and for this we need your help.

If you know an individual or club who has made a difference to girl’s and women’s sport, this is your chance to nominate them.

Nomination categories are:

Young up and coming performers – State representatives (girls aged 18 and under):

Celebrating those who work hard and have achieved outstanding success, providing role models to other young girls

Inspiration people/ drivers of change (female and male)

Those who have gone above and beyond to increase opportunities for girls and women in sport, increased visibility of girls and women, or who have a story to tell which will inspire others (including male coaches). Celebrating community heroes and local legends who have made an outstanding contribution to girls and women in community sport, giving their time to enable girls and women to get involved. Their contribution may include the creation of a welcoming environment, a strong pathway for involvement, advocacy for girls and women in sport, or how they have overcome adversity.

Coaches, Umpires, Referees who are role models

Girls and women who are coaches, umpires and referees who inspire others to take part in sport through strong leadership and values.

Clubs/ Organisations

Those who have gone above and beyond to increase participation by girls and women and/or create an equal environment.

Elite performers – National representatives (girls and women):

Celebrating girls and women who have worked to achieve excellence at national and international level inspiring others and raising the profile of Wyndham (past or present)

The nomination process:

1.     Nominees must have lived or trained in Wyndham or be involved with a sports club in Wyndham in either a playing/coaching/officiating/other capacity.

2.     Please read the description and selection criteria under each category on the nomination form to ensure your nominee matches the criteria.

3.     Identify a second nominator who can be emailed to verify your nomination.

4.     Fill in and submit the nomination form by Sunday 30th August.

5.     Each nominee that meets the eligibility criteria will be recognised for their contribution to girls’ and women’s sport with a certificate signed by the Mayor and Sports Development portfolio holder and will have their story shared on Wyndham City’s website.

6.     Your nominee will be notified if they have been successful prior to an online event in September, where eligible applicants will be publicly announced.

7.     If successful, the nominee will be asked to supply a high-res JPEG image of themselves to accompany their story, which will be featured on the Wyndham City Council website.

If you have any questions regarding the Wyndham Champions of Girls’ and Women’s Sport, please email camilla.briggs@wyndham.vic.gov.au

Apply here 

Coaching, Umpiring and Refereeing Scholarships for Girls and Women

If you are interested in or are currently coaching, refereeing or umpiring a sport in Wyndham we have scholarships available to complete one of the following qualifications:

  • A community/ foundation/ level 1 coaching qualification
  • Level 2/ Club coaching qualification
  • Umpiring/ Refereeing qualification

Most scholarships are up to $100, however if your course is above $100 and you are unable to make up the difference please contact us to discuss.

Please send your name, contact details, the sport you coach or would like to referee/ umpire and the name of the club you are connected to (if applicable) to Camilla.briggs@wyndham.vic.gov,au . Please answer the following questions (max 200 words per question):

  • Name of the qualification
  • What will this qualification enable you to do?
  • Have you been doing any coaching/ assisting or refereeing/ umpiring to date?
  • Are you linked up with a club/ or would you like help linking up with a club?
  • When would you like to take your course?

Scholarships are available until September 2020.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Camilla.briggs@wyndham.vic.gov,au

Coaching/ Umpiring and Refereeing Scholarships for Girls and Women – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the scholarship open to boys and men?
No. To address low numbers of women and girl coaches, umpires and referees scholarships are only open to girls and women.

I coach/ umpire/referee a senior team. Can I still apply?
Yes. The scholarships are open to both junior and senior team coaches/ umpires/ referees.

Are the scholarships available for all sports?
Yes. Although sports with lower numbers of females may be prioritised.

Will Council pay me the money up front?
No. Payment will be reimbursed once you complete the qualification. Confirmation of completion must be sent to Camilla.Briggs@wyndham.vic.gov.au by 30 September 2020 to receive reimbursement.

What will Council reimburse me for?
Where course fees are less than $100 Council will reimburse course fees and materials up to a maximum of $100.

What if the course costs more than $100?
If the course costs more than $100 and you are unable to make up the difference, please contact us to discuss.

What if the course costs less than $100?
Reimbursement is for the lesser amount.

How many scholarships are offered?
20 scholarships are offered across Wyndham.

Can I assume that I have been granted the scholarship?
No. You will receive an email from Council advising if your application is successful or not.

I live outside Wyndham. Can I still apply?
Yes. Provided you are or plan to coach, umpire or referee a team in Wyndham in 2020.

Our club wants to offer a coaching/ refereeing/ umpiring clinic to a group. Is this covered?
Council may approve payment of up to $500 for a club to run a clinic. The clinic must be run by the peak body, be offered at foundation/community or development level and include at least five girls/ women.

Do I need to be coaching/ umpiring/ refereeing already?

No, if you would like to coach/ umpire or referee and are intending on starting or need help linking up with a club please contact us to see if we can help.

We have collated information on coaching, umpiring, refereeing and general courses which are beneficial to all club volunteers. There are a number of online courses which can be accessed at any time, they are a great way to upskill when you aren’t able to play your sport so that next season you can be ready for action, many of these courses are free. Courses may change/ be converted to a different delivery format, we will try to update this information when we obtain it.

Find out more

 “We all participate in sport for many different reasons. Some are interested in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, others love the thrill of competing with their friends and a rare few set their sights on winning medals for their country. Whatever the motivation, we mostly choose our own pathways, although sometimes the pathway chooses us.” (AIS)

2020 Wyndham Sports Club Forum – Presentations

Please see below digital versions of all scheduled presentations that have been created with the help of our presenting partners.

If you would like any further information, please contact a member of the Sport and Recreation team anytime.

Club Resources

Club Resource Kit

One-stop shop that takes the hard work out of finding online resources. The document connects you to local, state, national and international sites.

Women’s Officer position description

Position description your club can modify that outlines the role of a sports club Women’s Officer.

Club Help

Resources, ideas and links to support clubs in all areas including being more welcoming to girls and women.

Gender checklist

Use this Survey Monkey survey to do a ‘gender health check’ of your club.

This Girl Can promotional toolkit

Sign up as a campaign supporter to access the Promotional toolkit and Campaign materials

Play by the Rules

Resources and ideas to assist your club to become more diverse, welcoming and open to everyone.

Hear 2 Talka community led social media group connecting individuals and clubs who would like to share ideas, challenges and support to help increase women and girls’ participation in sport. All new members need to complete the membership registration questions when they request to join.
Social Sport- Soccer Mums

Running a social sporting program is a great way for girls and women to be active and have fun without being competitive – but how can clubs get involved?

Wyndham City’s Gender Equality in Wyndham Sport Project Officer Camilla Briggs sat down with Brunswick City FC Soccer Mums Coordinator Heather McGiddy recently to discuss her experience implementing Soccer Mums, a social soccer initiative. There is also a bonus second interview about a social AFL initiative which Heather was also involved in – enjoy!




Other Resources

Change our Game

A Victorian government initiative that aims to level the playing field for women and girls in sport and active recreation.

Leisure Networks

Resources and information to support inclusion in clubs.

Sport and Recreation Victoria

Victorian government website for all things sport and recreation. Offers information on safe clubs, grants, funding and sport integrity.

This Girl Can

VicHealth campaign to get more women involved in physical activity. Provides strategies to get active. Become a member to access club resources.


The Guardian: Patience remains key to growing women’s rugby in Australia


Briony Akle: Only one truly elite competition

Women Sport Australia

The peak national advocacy body for women in sport.

Women’s sport post Covid-19What will Covid-19 meant for the future of women’s sport?
Sport AustraliaLet’s stop calling it women’s sport

Preventing violence against women through sport

This OurWatch video explains how embedding gender equality and respectful relationships in sporting organisations helps to prevent violence against women and their children in communities.

One-to-one work with clubs

We are continuing to work with clubs from the first phase of the project: Williams Landing Soccer Club, Tarneit United Soccer Club, Werribee Centrals Sports Club and Werribee Basketball Association and also those clubs who joined our Leisure Networks workshops last year: Western Athletics Club, Werribee Juniors Cricket Club and Wyndham Rhinos. This phase we are also working with Hoppers Indoor Sports, Werribee City Football Club, Wyndham United Soccer Club, Sanctuary Lakes Cricket Club, Point Cook Cricket Club and Werribee Football Club.

Through conversations, completion of the gender equity audit, the training and networking series and consultant support, clubs will create a bespoke Gender equality action plan.

Gender Equality in Wyndham Sport Training and Networking Series

Inviting sports clubs and individuals interested in learning more about gender equality and increasing participation of girls and women in sport to join us at 5 online training and networking sessions running on Mondays evenings between June and August 2020.

The sessions are structured to be able to respond to the priorities of Wyndham sports clubs and particularly those that we are working with one-to-one. Feedback from sessions 1 and 2 will shape the remaining sessions.

Session 1: Gender Equality and Your Club Monday 22 June (7 - 8.30pm).

Session 2: How to engage Women/ Girls in Sport & Keep them Coming Back Monday 13 July (7 - 8.30pm)

Session 3:  Practical examples of Gender Equality issues that Clubs face and COVID discussion Monday 27 July (7 - 8.30pm)

Session 4: ‘Stop, Reflect and Share’ Interactive Networking Discussion Monday 17 August (7 - 8.30pm)

Session 5: ‘Stop, Reflect and Share’ Interactive Networking and Action Planning Discussion Monday 31 August (7 - 8.30pm)

To find out more and to register please go to: http://genderequalitywyndhamsport.eventbrite.com/

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