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Smart Bins

The Project

Wyndham City was one of the first councils in Victoria to install smart garbage and recycling bins.  The 16 dual solar compactor bins are installed at various locations in the Werribee and Point Cook CBDs.

These smart bins have solar powered compacting technology so they can hold up to 600 litres of rubbish – five times that of traditional street bins. Powered by solar panels on top, the bins automatically crush rubbish inside, giving them the extra capacity.

The bins also have sensors which notify Council staff when they are nearing full. This creates an environmental benefit because it means they can be emptied 80 per cent less often. Less trips by garbage trucks means cost savings and less pollution in our local environment.

Project Outcomes

In the first 6 months of operation:

  • 241,320 litres of general garbage and 254,834 litres of recycling was collected
  • Before installation garbage was collected 28 times per month. The average monthly collection is now below 6 times a month - an impressive 80% reduction.

Future plans for the project

  • The locations of the smart bins will be reviewed to ensure they have been installed in the most suitable locations
  • A trial will be undertaken using sensors installed on existing waste and recycling bins. These sensors will be used to alert council staff of bin fill levels, reducing the number of collections greatly improving management of all council owned waste and recyling bins.
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