Council owned and managed land is an important public asset. It is critical that there is a consistent approach so that it is managed to maximise social, environmental and economic benefits to the community now and into the future. In this context, the Wyndham City Lease and Licence Policy has been developed to provide a framework for Council in making decisions, as well as guide existing and prospective tenants.

The policy objectives centre around the following principles:

Principle 1 – To provide benefits to the public through leasing and licencing.

Principle 2 – To ensure consistency and transparency in leasing and licencing, as well as providing certainty regarding tenant and landlord responsibilities.

Principle 3 – To manage Council owned or managed property in an ecologically sustainable manner.

These principles are consistent with the Victorian Government’s framework for leasing Crown land. This policy is underpinned by an associated framework and processes.

View: Wyndham City Lease and Licence Policy

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