On 27 April 2015, Council endorsed the Statement of Commitment. This Statement was was developed through targeted consultation with a broad range of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stakeholders, including Traditional Owners.  It also involved an extensive consultation with Council staff across all Directorates.

The purpose of the Statement of Commitment is to formalise Wyndham City’s commitment to encourage greater understanding, acknowledgment, respect, inclusion and opportunities for Aboriginal people in this municipality. It commits Council to a range of principles and high-level actions.

Areas covered in the Statement of Commitment include:

  • The management of cultural heritage;
  • Building greater awareness, recognition and respect for Aboriginal culture in our community;
  • Increasing civic participation of Aboriginal people at all levels;
  • Combatting racism and discrimination experienced by Aboriginal people;
  • Advocating to improve justice, health, education and housing outcomes for Aboriginal people;
  • And creating culturally safe and accessible places. 

This Statement of Commitment lays the foundation for the development of a four year Reconciliation Action Plan which will detail practical actions to deliver on these high-level commitments.

Wyndham City will work inclusively and in partnership with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people across this City to achieve the whole range of commitments made in this Statement of Commitment.

For further details contact Wyndham City's Senior Policy & Planning Officer on 1300 023 411.

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