Currently, Wyndham’s housing stock lacks diversity. Council is committed to social and economic inclusion and achieving social and economic inclusion means providing alternative housing types and addressing housing insecurity to enable all Wyndham households to flourish.

Housing stock in Wyndham consists predominantly of large freestanding dwellings:

  • 86% of dwellings have three or more bedrooms
  • less than one per cent (0.8%) have one-bedroom
  • less than 7 per cent have two-bedrooms
  • only 1.1% of Wyndham’s housing stock is social housing

There is also a clear role for affordable housing in Wyndham in pandemic recovery. The pandemic reinforced the importance of safe, secure and affordable housing while also highlighting its impacts on households across Wyndham and beyond.

To increase housing diversity and choice, Council encourages developments that include a mix of lot sizes. Encouraging urban consolidation through identifying areas for housing growth we emphasise delivery of one- and two-bedroom dwellings, such as apartments and townhouses, through the planning scheme.

As we begin to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we will use the Strategy to build back better in recovery for social and economic inclusion through improved and equitable service and support outcomes, including through collaboration with the H3 Alliance and other Councils.

View the Wyndham City Affordable Housing Strategy 2022-2025

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