Iramoo Community Centre,
Honour Avenue,
Wyndham Vale
VIC 3030
The Guardians (2004) - Brigit Heller

Acquired by: One Per Cent for Art, capital works

About the Artwork:

"In my work I normally use forms that occur in nature (nests, plants, trees etc.). Lately having used steel wire that is going to rust I have been able to become more ambitious with the scale of my work but also to create a contrast between the use of steel and its fragile, organic look. The shapes should evoke the viewer’s curiosity; invite him/her to explore the different aspects of the work close up.

Part of the challenge with "the guardian" was to create an artwork that is going to belong to a very new environment and at the same time looks as though it has been there for a long time (which is hopefully going to happen after the landscape is going to settle down a bit). I felt that I wanted to create a somewhat organic, natural space in an urban environment - not only a visual but also a spiritual experience". - Brigit Heller

Materials: woven steel wire

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