Wyndham City thanks residents and visitors for their patience while these important developments are delivered.

To combat the temporary loss of parking spots across the City Centre, Council has established a new car park at the corner of Werribee and Watton Streets, with 180 all-day free spots for anybody to use.

The car park at the corner of Cherry and Kelly Streets features 31 public parking spaces (for up to 3 hours) and 78 permit spots for those who work in the City Centre.

The two car parks at Comben Drive will still be operational for the coming months. Wyndham City will communicate any changes to residents once we reach the point of closure at these sites.

There are also a number of car parks along Watton Street, Synnott Street, and surrounding areas. Please be mindful of time limits when using these spots to avoid receiving an infringement.

Those working in the City Centre can apply for a business parking permit. For more information please visit Business Parking Permits.

Live, work, run a business in or just love visiting Werribee City Centre? Council wants to hear from you.

Parking Strategy 

Council endorsed the Werribee City Parking Strategy in 2019, outlining a series of actions that aim to make the Werribee City Centre more user-friendly and bring more people to the area.

For more information on this strategy visit: https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/werribee-city-centre-parking-strategy-20… 


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