Saltwater Community Centre, 153 Saltwater Promenade, Point Cook
Not So Silent Witnesses (Wetlands) (2015) – Rosa Tato

Acquired by: Wyndham City Capital works program

About the Artwork:

Rosa is interested in the viewer’s discovery and the bird’s resilience in an ever changing environment. Cheetham Wetlands, Point Cook are a world-renowned wildlife haven. This migratory birdlife sanctuary is both beautiful and ever changing. The birds chosen in this artwork design can be seen at these local wetlands; many of them rare and endangered species. The interrelationship between the natural and the man made was Rosa’s impetus to discovery. Rosa wanted to focus on the fundamental importance of the ‘current statuses’ of these bird species.

Can find the Spoonbill, Bellied Parrot, Pelican or the Brolgas?

Materials: Perforated Steel

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