Dogs are an important part of our community, but dogs that bark excessively can become a nuisance and create friction between neighbours. We suggest approaching the dog’s owner and discussing your concerns with them as this usually resolves the issue.

Please be aware that:

  • The dog’s owner may not realise that the barking is causing a nuisance to other people
  • The dog may only bark excessively when the owner is not home
  • The owner may not hear the barking from certain areas in their house
  • The owner may be a very sound sleeper and not woken when the dog barks

Dog Barking Letter & Diary

If the dog owner is unapproachable or you are not comfortable approaching them, try placing the 'barking dog letter' (available from Wyndham City) into their letterbox. If your neighbour takes no action or does not agree that a problem exists, contact Wyndham City.

To lodge a complaint you must first complete a dog barking diary, available from Wyndham City. Please be aware that Council will not get involved in neighbourhood disputes.

In the dog barking diary you need to show that you:

  • have spoken with your neighbour and have tried to resolve the problem with them
  • have attempted to resolve the issue through an independent party like the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria

Tips to help stop dogs barking

We suggest to owners the following

  • Exercise your dog regularly
  • Improve your dog’s sleeping area to ensure it feels secure
  • Socialise your dog with other people and their dogs
  • Investigate the wide range of toys and products available to help with behavioural problems
  • If necessary, consult an agency or veterinarian for professional advice regarding your barking dog.

To lodge a complaint, you can complete an online request form or call 1300 023 411.

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